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User Video Page!

This page contains Videos from Quadstick Users.


How to Post[edit]

To add a video, type in the following wiki markup into the article that you want the video to be displayed on:

 < youtube>ID of the video here</youtube > 
 remember to have no spaces,close bracket

You can find the ID of the video by going into the YouTube page of it. An example URL for a YouTube video might be - the part after v= is the ID.

Other supported video services

The YouTube extension allows also to embed videos from these services:

*Google Video — use the < gvideo> tag
* audio — use the < aoaudio> tag
* video — use the < aovideo> tag
*WeGame — use the < wegame> tag
*Tangler forum — use the < tangler> tag
*Gametrailers — use the < gtrailer> tag
*Nicovideo — use the < nicovideo> tag
*GoGreenTube — use the < ggtube> tag

After click "edit" next to "User Videos" down below and paste.

Remember to click "save"

User Videos[edit]