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Creating CSV Files!

This page includes info on Creating CSV scripts for Quadstick.


Getting Started

If you came from Understand CSV Files than that's 80% done to Creating CSV Files.

So let's jump right into it!

(Top) 1. First, Using Default.csv as an example, make a copy, rename it if you want and it will open a new file on your Google docs.


(Top) 2. The Red Oval is were Users need to change the title to your liking, just remember to have it under 8-12 Characters and something like this title.csv or 12345678.csv


(Top) 3. The Red arrow is were Users can add more modes to there CSV File if they so choose too.


(Top) 4. On the Yellow,Red,Blue column has a arrow next to each box which allows it to be customizable to users choosing.may be selected from box or typed in. (You can not mix yellow column commands with red/blue or vise-versa)




(Top) 5. To prevent mistakes, don't have gaps in left yellow column. If there are gaps like below it will not work correctly. Once there is a blank on yellow column, it assumes it should stop reading rest of CSV File.


(Top) 6. Blue column may have gaps since it's an input not an output, so it's OK :)


(Top) 7. You may notice yellow highlights on boxes highlighted by Google Docs; it's letting the User know that there are multiple lines of the same command. It's ok, since sometimes you might want to use multiple lines of same commands for complex games.


Keeping CSV files Updated

(Top) 8. Once done sculpting your Custom CSV File, Make sure to go to "Tools" -> "Script editor" then "Resources" -> "Libraries" and change the Version to the latest version.




(Top) 9. Finally download and enjoy

Video instructions